6 Tips for creating content in the ICT sector

Carlos Trelles, CEO of Axon Marketing & Communications, gives some tips on how your content can stand out in this competitive ICT world.

The Internet has turned this era into the best era for the information and communication technologies sector. Competition is fierce and there are already companies creating content to attract users. Are you going to be left behind?

Carlos Trelles, CEO of Axon Marketing & Communications, gives some tips on how your content can stand out in this competitive ICT world.

1. Write about your potential customers’ problems:

A person doesn’t like to be sold to, they like to be taught. Try to write about the needs and pains that a prospect may have, whom you offer your technological solution. Do not talk about your company in all the articles because that generates a feeling of advertorials in the public. First write to users about their possible ailments, how they can solve them and finally why your technology solution is the best for customers.

2. Writing is not enough:

There are a variety of platforms for various content formats. Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, WordPress, Instagram, Vimeo, are diverse social media, which we can use to tell stories that attract customers. Remember that people tend to assimilate more information if it is through an audiovisual medium. Take advantage of this situation for your business, create video tutorials for youtube, infographics for Linkedin, photos of your creations on Facebook, among others.

3. Use success cases:

It’s always good to speak well of yourself; however, it’s twice as good to have someone else speak well of you. Take advantage of your satisfied customers with your services to create attractive stories for other prospects. Remember that this content must be created in perfect coordination with the person or company to whom we provide the service. This is to align with their institutional image and branding.

4. Use responsive design platforms:

If you are dedicated to offering technological solutions, the least a client expects is that the content of your website or blog adapts to the emblematic device of the information age: the smartphone. Remember that it is estimated that in 2020 three quarters of the population will use smartphones and we assure you that if your customers are looking for a technological solution, they will also have a smartphone.

5. Practice SEO and SEM:

It’s useless to you to create content if search engines don’t link to it (especially Google). For this it is necessary to practice SEO and focus on the keywords where you want to have positioning. In addition, you should practice SEM to get, through payment, good rankings in the words where there is more competition.

6. Build your database and practice emailing:
Engaging content with good SEO and SEM practices, always ends up having interested subscribers. Take advantage of your subscribers to create a database of people who appreciate your stories. Once you have this database, you can offer these users more content through an emailing strategy and analyze their purchase intentions.