A hybrid world: the importance of finding a balance between online and offline formats

By Catalina Parada, COO and Co-Founder of Axon Marketing & Communications

It is normal that in an increasingly digital and interconnected world, online channels are the main protagonists, as they offer great advantages when it comes to positioning a brand, where low costs, accessibility and reach stand out. Even so, experience has shown Axon Marketing & Communications that offline channels re also essential to strengthen the reputation of brands. Success, in fact, will depend on the adoption of both channels, having as a goal the integral fulfillment of the PESO model a roadmap that allows defining and implementing an omnichannel communication strategy in a simple and intuitive way.

While it is true that in recent years digital channels have allowed companies with moderate revenues to promote their services and goods with little budget, offline media continue to play a fundamental role in the media ecosystem and in brand promotion. In other words, online and offline formats have structural differences, but both are fundamental for companies seeking to implement a solid marketing strategy and build close ties between the brand and stakeholders, resulting in the loyalty of users and audiences of interest.

Integral marketing strategies visualize in both formats an opportunity for growth, since they understand the advantages that each medium offers and study the consumption pattern of the target audience and the ideal channels to disseminate information about their goods and services. In this sense, the capacity of consumption and impact analysis offered by digital tools would be complemented with the dissemination of own content in recognized media that, in the long term, would help in the loyalty of a specific audience.

Take advantage of the resources

The integration of these two formats must be done intelligently and creatively. The structural divergences between the two lead, for example, to a different language when it comes to promoting content and achieving the desired engagement. To achieve good results, it is recommended, among other things, to be accompanied by experts and agencies that have knowledge of digital marketing and offline channels.

The experience of Axon Marketing & Communications in brand positioning and building a corporate reputation has shown that a comprehensive marketing strategy is one that integrates offline and online formats, taking advantage of the opportunities that both media offer.

We must keep in mind that the covid-19 pandemic, which forced us to migrate to the virtual world to continue performing our work, has not diminished the importance of offline formats and, in some cases, of face-to-face. Even so, bearing in mind that health must be the priority today, it is important to keep them on pause until it is safe to resume them, opting for people’s well-being.

Positioning a brand in such a competitive world is not easy, but the intelligent and creative use of each resource will be of great help in achieving the desired engagement between the brand and stakeholders. It is undeniable that organizations must take advantage of the benefits offered by the digital world, but they must also choose not to neglect other channels that are essential for their positioning.