Influencers as promoters of tourism

//Influencers as promoters of tourism

Influencers as promoters of tourism

The influencers as promoters of tourism

One of the new techniques used in integrated communication strategies is the marketing of influencers. According to studies, a communication campaign that is anchored in notoriety characters has a return on investment up to 16 times greater than strategies that do not include them. Precisely one of the areas where the influencers are most used is in tourism.

Catalina Parada, Director of Operations of Axon Marketing & Communications, tells us the reason for this phenomenon.

  • Greater visibility of the destination: Betting on famous people generates a greater amount of viralisation and exposure of the destination. While it is true that it is advisable to obtain prospects in other areas is to bet by people specialized in the sector, the truth is that in the tourism sector the use of celebrities and popular people is also very effective. Of course, influencers with travel means tend to be cheaper and reach people who travel constantly.
  • High followers in social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube are some of the media that have the highest follow-up in millennials (the public that travels the most) and therefore, the followers of the celebrities in these networks is a public to take into account. This without counting the “share” and viral nature of social media.
  • Natural to the public: When a celebrity recommends a product to you, it is likely that you think it is part of a commercial. This changes in the promotion of tourist destinations as the influencer constantly makes pleasure trips, so that nobody can assure that those photos on their Instagram or Facebook are part of a campaign.
  • Organic impacts in the media: It is natural that the actions of celebrities are inputs for the sections of media shows. This translates into free and organic spaces in traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio programs.
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