Axon Marketing & Communications, winner of two SABRE Awards and five certificates of excellence in Communication and Public Relations

Miami, Florida, August 16th, 2018.- The multinational consultancy Axon Marketing & Communications recently won the categories “Relations with the media” and “Travel and leisure” in the recognized SABRE Latin American Awards, one of the awards for corporate communication and public relations, awarded by the prestigious magazine Holmes Report.

The firm also won five certificates of excellence in the following categories: campaign for South America, multi-market campaign, B2B marketing campaign and influencers campaign.

The sustained campaign of media relations and reputation construction carried out for the Peruvian educational institution Toulouse Lautrec, won the award for the best media relations campaign in Latin America. In this regard, Carlos Trelles, CEO of the company said that the relationship management with media is strategic for the education brands in the region.

“It is a true synergy with an educational institution willing to explore new trends and capable of creating angles of value and impact on society. This added to the strategic and tactical capacity of the local team, has allowed us to design a campaign with high impact on the main stakeholders of the brand “he said.

On the other hand, the integrated marketing communication campaign, designed for the Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay in the markets of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, won the SABRE Award in the “travel and leisure” category.

In this regard, Catalina Parada, Operations Director and leader of the tourism and foreign trade practice of the agency, said that the campaign had as a strategic objective to reinforce the positioning of the destination in non-border countries. “A combination of regional vision and local experience was the key. The commitment of our teams with the fulfillment of the strategic objectives of each project allows us to provide this type of results ” she emphasized.

The agency also received five certificates of excellence with its clients: Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism – PromPerú (in the multi-market category); Palladium hotels (in the campaign category of influencers); Zoho Corp (in the B2B marketing category); Global Home Index (in the non-profit category); and Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay (in the campaign category for South America).

“These awards encourage us to continue working and give the best to our customers, positioning ourselves in each of our 8 markets as an independent, efficient and fastest-growing network of agencies in Latin America,” said Trelles. “To our customers, we thank them for their trust and we reiterate our commitment to add value and deliver results that impact their business” he concluded.

It should be remembered that Axon Marketing & Communications has already received the SABRE Award for the best campaign for Latin America in 2014 and three other certificates of excellence of the same award, during the last 5 years.

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