América Economía: Carlos Trelles, CEO of Axon Marketing & Communications is invited as moderator to the conference Improving the Patient Experience

América Economía presented the event “Improving Patient Experience” in Peru on May 8th and 9th. Carlos Trelles, CEO of Axon Marketing & Communications, was invited as moderator of the panel “Improving Patient Experience in Latin America: which are the challenges and ways to follow”. From the specialist perspective, communication and marketing should be seen as key tools to strength company’s reputation and health institutions.

In addition to Mexico and Colombia, Peru was part of this conference block that addressed as an axis an emerging and powerful trend in medical institutions. The event had the academic support of prestigious institutions such as Mayo Clinic of the United States and Israelite Albert Einstein Hospital of Brazil, who shared their best practices and methods in Patient Experience with representatives of hospital institutions in the region.

In March, the COO of Axon Marketing & Communications and medical, Catalina Parada was moderator of this conference in Mexico City. The specialist deepened with the panelists the intangible and material benefits that address the improvement in the Patient Experience.

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