Catalina Parada will present Axon’s work life balance model at the IAE Business School’s international seminar in Argentina

Catalina Parada, COO of Axon Marketing & Communications will be an exhibitor at the tenth edition of the international seminar “Male + Woman: Shared power as an axis of transformation” organized by the Walmart Center Family and Business Conciliation (CONFyE) of the IAE Business School of Argentina.

CONFyE studies and promotes the best work and family reconciliation practices in organizations in order to install corporate family responsibility. Along these lines, Catalina Parada will be part of a group of public and private managers who will debate on how to share power between men and women and become a positive element of change for organizations and families.

“The life/work balance, the promotion of quality time for the family and the personal and professional growth of our consultants -from their individualities and complementarity as men and women- are the fundamental axes of Axon Marketing & Communications work. We are very happy to be able to share our personal, professional and business experience in this international scenario”, commented Catalina Parada.

Along with Catalina Parada, COO of Axon Marketing & Communications, surgeon, specialist in Organizational Communication, wife and mother of seven children; different international experts will also participate, such as Julián Rodríguez, Austral’s University Rector; Helena Estrada, Director Center for Economic Development of Women (Ministry of Production of Argentina); Maricarmen Bernal, Mexico’s Delegate for the W 20 in the G 20; Constantino Gotsis, Banking’s Individual Director of HSBC Argentina; Clarisa Estol, Chair Business Women Leaders Task Force for the G 20; Lorena Blanco, Head of Learning, Talent, Resourcing & OD Latam HSBC; Graciela Guzman, Secretary of Promotion, Protection and Technological Change of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security of Argentina; Rodolfo Rivarola, Dean of the IAE Business School; among others.

Know the full agenda of the seminar here

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