Portafolio: Holidays are now programmed with influencers

Portafolio publishes report on marketing trends of influencers in tourism for 2018

Portafolio, one of the main specialized media in economics and business in Colombia, highlighted the research of Axon Marketing & Communications about the impact of influencers on tourists. The report “Influencer marketing trends in the tourism sector for 2018“, carried out by Axon Marketing & Communications, concludes that vacations are now programmed with influencers due to the high degree of trust they represent for their followers.

Having a good reference has become a comparative advantage in the world tourism activity. Thanks to social networks, people choose where to take vacations according to what they say and recommend their favorite characters from their social networks. “Thanks to social networks and connectivity, people can be an influencers, but their weight will be the ability they have to massify their message to the public where they want to go, generate quality content and how it is perceived by their followers, adds Catalina Stop, COO of Axon Marketing & Communications for the medium Portafolio.

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