Revista P&M: “80% decide where to travel by influencers”

Revista P&M “80% of people decide where to travel on the recommendation of influencers”

The Colombian magazine specializing in Advertising and Marketing, Revista P&M, published the note “80% of people decide where to travel on the recommendation of influencers“where he stresses that trust has been the best ally of influencers.

The finding is part of a report prepared by Axon Marketing & Communications, and reinforces the idea that followers believe more in their influencers than in the brands themselves. It’s for that reason that, go to them as part of a communication and marketing strategy is increasingly necessary, especially for the promotion of tourism, hotels and airlines.

“Isn’t that the influencer makes a publication just for the simple fact of doing it, but that once the communications plan is defined, we must co-create together because the brand knows what it wants to transmit and the influencer knows it’s audiences and he knows how to get to them, “explains Catalina Parada, COO of Axon Marketing & Communications.

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