Portafolio: Two nominations for Axon Marketing & Communications at the Portafolio Awards 2017

Axon Marketing & Communications became the only Integrated Marketing Communications agency (Strategic Communications, Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing on and off line) nominated in two categories for the Portafolio 2017 awards.

Each year, Portafolio, one of the most important Colombian business and economics publications in the country, invites the largest number of companies of all sizes, sectors of the economy and regions of the country to recognize business effort, in seven categories , which highlights the most successful cases of customer service, innovation, management of human resources, exports, corporate social responsibility, contribution to the community and protection of the environment.

Since 1993, Portafolio also distinguishes the work of those people who are characterized by their academic contribution, leadership, career and excellence in the performance of their management, and their commitment to national development, in four categories: best teacher and best college student, the best business leader, and the highest recognition that is given to an entrepreneur, the prize for life and business work.

In the 2017 Portafolio Awards edition, Catalina Parada, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Axon Marketing & Communications, has been nominated as one of the business leaders of Colombia, along with other executives of iconic Colombian companies such as Grupo Éxito, Nutresa, ISA, Crepes & Waffles, Decameron, IBM, among others.

Also, Axon Marketing & Communications, the first Colombian multinational of Integrated Marketing Communications (Communications, Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing on and off line), has been the only company in its sector nominated for the Portafolio Award 2017 in the category of ” Export effort “for its regional multi-Latin model, approach on the development of its professionals and entrepreneurial model in Latin America, recently highlighted by the business magazine, América Economía.

“These two nominations are a recognition not only to me but to each and every one of the people who bet on the Axon Marketing & Communications model in the ten countries of Latin America and the United States where we operate with great pride as the first Colombian multinational in the sector “, commented Catalina Parada.

“The Portafolio 2017 Awards also represent an additional motivation for us to continue working in our sector, betting on a balance of effectiveness and high impact results for our clients and work and personal life for our employees”, concluded Parada, COO of Axon Marketing & Communications.

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