How to strengthen brand reputation in the ‘new normality’?

Find out the conclusions of the new study by AXON Marketing & Communications regarding the reputation of brands in this "new normality".

The purpose of the study ‘Trends and needs of Dircoms in Latin America for 2021’, conducted by Axon Marketing & Communications, a consulting firm specializing in Integrated Marketing Communications, was to learn the perspectives of various communications managers of multiple Latin American companies on the opportunities that the ‘new normal’ offers in terms of brand reputation. The results were overwhelming: more than 90% of the Dircoms consulted see the management of social networks and their own media as the tools they will use the most to reinforce the visibility and reputation of their brands in a new post-covid-19 reality.

This is the perception of 92% of the executives who took part in the study. In addition, in relation to the potentialization of brands, they highlighted that the creation of their own content and the relationship with the media, the organization of events, strategic alliances, cobranding, digital marketing and internet advertising are also great tools to reinforce the visibility and reputation of brands.

“Such results detail what the reputational building landscape of brands will be by 2021. This will be characterized by the primacy of social networks and the creation of content that makes the values and specific features of brands visible,” warned Carlos Trelles, CEO of Axon Marketing & Communications, when he analyzed the results.

The research findings showed that there is a greater affinity toward using social networks to communicate with stakeholders. They also showed that before the pandemic, 17.5% of survey respondents considered these channels to be important, during the mandatory or almost generalized confinement the figure rose to 45%, and now, in the ‘new normal’, 50% consider them to be very important.

Although most economic sectors have been reactivated in recent months, concerns persist towards 2021. According to the results of the study, the most common are financial, with 58% of the votes; and marketing and sales, with 21%. Only 2% of respondents said they are not worried about 2021.

“It could be said that, as a result of the economic problems faced by companies during the pandemic, the brand communication strategy for 2021 will be linked to the strengthening of each company’s organic and proprietary media. For this, it is crucial to count on the professional support of consulting firms specialized in communication and marketing, such as Axon”, said Catalina Parada, COO of AXON Marketing & Communications.

The study by the consulting firm specializing in Integrated Communications and Marketing also revealed that the pandemic has been an obstacle for brands to continue positioning themselves in the eyes of their stakeholders. In fact, 21.31% of the participants said that during the health crisis it has been more complicated to communicate their company’s opinions, proposals and achievements.

AXON Marketing & Communications’ research involved the participation of directors and managers of communications and digital strategies of companies based in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and the United States, belonging to the tourism, retail, ICT, education and professional services industries.