7 recommendations in the tourism sector for 2019

There are three key elements to develop successful strategies, the vision of an external one, which allows you to see things from another perspective, having prior knowledge of the company and the sector where you work. In addition, have a specialized team in the skills to identify where things are being done well and where help is needed.

For that reason, Axon Marketing & Communications brings 7 important recommendations that you should take into account if what you want is to develop a plan for communication, public relations and marketing on the trends that are expected for 2019.

1. Use the most efficient means of communication

In recent years the discussion is no longer whether to use the networks or not, but what is the right message to build and the most effective means of communication to transmit it. Therefore, for tourists, the most important channels to inform themselves and decide on their next trip are Internet searches, tourism agencies and influencers, who are the most effective in the decision to purchase a destination.

The media have become an ally for organizations. The challenge lies in structuring a strategy that understands the integrity of the business. The important thing is to recognize that it is the best for companies and one of the recommendations of the last study that Axon Marketing & Communications carried out is to allocate effectiveness.

2.  Invest, not by fashion, but by effectiveness

Likewise, social networks have become a significant tool for companies, not only because they are a way of making themselves known, but also to attract prospects, have a different approach with customers and connect with their allies or people related to their company. deal. In addition, it allows measuring the impact of the activities that are being carried out to determine its effectiveness.

Another of the sales channels that are worth investing in are famtrips. These familiarization trips are given by the big agencies or companies of the sector that invite different travel agents or tour operators to visit the destination they are promoting, know it first-hand and recommend it to the final client based on the experience They lived directly.

Public relations is one of the most important strategic investments within an organization. Have a professional that helps not only to build the message, but is responsible for transmitting it, is a way to be aligned and avoid messages distorting. It also helps maintain a positive image in organizations, customers and collaborators.

3. More efficient actions to promote sales

If the objective is to create a plan for communication, public relations and marketing, it is necessary to have on your radar the most efficient actions to promote sales, but above all to generate remembrance as a brand. Creating own events around the tourism sector serves to expose the image and destinations that are intended to promote.

Another valuable finding is the training. This helps companies in the tourism industry to go in the same direction in terms of the information that they want to disseminate. The idea of ​​this activity is to know in depth the destination that you want to sell and thus offer other places with which the tourist is not familiar.

Relationship meetings serve to establish links not only in the tourism industry, but with other sectors. It also allows companies to reach the end user to publicize their products and services. In addition, it fulfills two significant objectives such as being a business generator or becoming an accelerator of them.

4. Betting on content with multimedia initiatives

It is always important to have professionals to create stories and create valuable content that impacts their audiences. Organizations can have all the tools to promote their brand and generate recall, all are important from the network of allies, the trade and partners.

In addition, Axon Marketing & Communications, recommends nine initiatives that are worth taking into account when carrying out a strategy. In the tourism and foreign trade sector it is very important to conduct business meetings, accompanied by marketing events to tell who we are, what we do and where we want to go.

Also, the campaigns that are carried out should have specialized on and off line content. Also recognize that the strategic relationship with media, is accompanied by travel and press conferences, without forgetting that social networks are a fundamental part of these initiatives, not only to generate audience, but also attract new customers.

5. Not only do we talk to the trade, the final consumer makes his own decisions

The tourism industry has been evolving in recent years and this is demonstrated by the trends that are generated around it. The markets are more competitive because they have specialized in offering not only variety in the destinations, but also quality and comfort.

This has allowed to segment tourists, know their needs, what they want, seek and the things that motivate them to choose their next destination. For that reason, if what it requires is a good plan of communication, public relations and marketing, one of the keys is to worry more about the traveler who is the one who ultimately makes his own decisions.

Tourists have become increasingly demanding, do not buy only trips or destinations, are willing to pay for unique and personalized life experiences. They want to be the protagonists and have the freedom to choose the routes, the places and destinations they want to visit and not feel conditioned by the companies.

6. Memorable events, transmission of experiences

Events are a fundamental part of any strategy. For this reason, companies have changed the traditional and unattractive way of promoting their tourist destinations. Now activities are done to attract new customers, generate strategic alliances and know first-hand the trends that are being generated around the sector.

7. Betting on segments with high potential

The potential customers are always going to be the ones that contribute significant growth to the companies. The industry has been in charge of segmenting not only tourists, but also the services that it has and offers in the market. Therefore, it is expected that the growth projection for 2019 will be higher than 15%.

If you want to develop a good strategy to attract new clients and promote tourist destinations, one of the recommendations of Axon Marketing & Communications is to bet on the tourists who will travel the most next year, among them, families with a 21%, cultural travelers who reached 19% and 17% were the only people who in recent years have increased the flow of their trips.

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