Business Growth: Four key findings in communication and marketing to achieve business objectives

One of the biggest problems that the executives responsible for growth of their businesses have is the ignorance of the brand when facing these challenges. This real need, drives the imperative to implement communication, marketing and public relations strategies according to the company’s needs, their challenges and budgets; variables that not everyone can manage with positive results.

And how can Integrated Marketing Communications contribute to the business growth? According to the latest edition of Axon Marketing & CommunicationsComunicar para Crecer” study, it reveals four major findings:

1. The relevance of including communication and marketing strategies

The perception of the importance of communication and marketing, in a process of business growth, varies according to the moment in which the responsible managers are. For 65% of executives, the relevance increases when their stage of development has already been consolidated or has even managed to reach other countries.

On the other hand, when this type of process is initiated, only 35% of executives consider that communication and marketing would represent critical factors. Executives tend to focus on aspects such as product or service design, management team, legal issues or market studies.

2. Content is the heart of a communication strategy to achieve growth

Content marketing plays a highly important role in the growth of business in Latin America, and on average 71% of companies implement it. “The most informed, connected and most active user represents a great opportunity for organizations to be more aware of what they communicate and how they communicate it”, emphasizes the communication specialist.

Content marketing or the creation of valuable content is the success tool that managers of companies in various sectors use against other tactics. This growth strategy is mainly used to manage content on websites, social media management and the articles preparation to be sent to the media.

Or, simply viewed from another perspective, the media itself, the earned media, the shared media or the paid media will need a really relevant, interesting and powerful content to ensure the predominance and recall of the brand or company.

3. The realization of own events as a growth tool

Almost 90% of the executives surveyed consider the holding of their own events and workshops as ways of prospecting, according to the study by Axon Marketing & Communications.

What other communication channels are effective for the managers responsible for growth? 87% of the interviewees stated that they have -as usual practice- a relationship strategy and / or opinion leaders and / or influencers, while 53% consider that participation in fairs and co-branding are practices that they are still used.

4. Integrated Marketing Communications as a strategic base

We must bear in mind that Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) have a global vision of communication, which allows articulating a strategy through different channels: events, influencers marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, public relations -among others-, to achieve coherence and effectiveness in growth results.

Among the conclusions of the Comunicar para Crecer study, he affirms that every strategy begins by understanding the client in depth. The public or prospect does not only see the information that the brands offer, but all the content around and the answers to each communication of the environment. Therefore, an IMC plan has differential value if it is aligned to a content strategy.

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