How will 2018 close in the tourism sector?

2018 was a good year for the tourism sector in Latin America. Short trips around the market became a trend and sales increased by 43% the volume of business compared to 2017.

After analyzing 7 emitting countries and more than 350 tour operators, the latest study conducted by Axon Marketing & Communications, on tourism trends in Latin America, revealed data that are worth having on the radar when recognizing the strategies that achieved significant impacts and those that must be considered rethink in communication, public relations and marketing to achieve the promotion of new destinations in the market.

Despite the concern that there was in the sector due to the impact of the increase in the price of the dollar in some countries, 2018 closed not only with significant figures that served to reinvent itself in the face of the economic crisis, but also demonstrated that the Latin American continent has become one of the most striking of tourists.

Argentina, Peru and Mexico managed to obtain 50% of the sales of the year in the tourism sector, which suggests that they had the best-selling destinations according to the influx of visitors. In addition, the strategies they developed allowed their country brands to have more visibility in the market.

Companies should take into account the type of strategies they want to implement and the specific target they aim to target. One of the ways to approach these strategies should be based on the experiences that tourists seek, because travelers feel privileged when they are given the opportunity to choose about their trip and acquire not only knowledge of the culture and its inhabitants, but also to approach to the reality of the places they visit.

Among the action plans that remained the most important in the sector, it could be rectified that holiday tourism is one of the most profitable, because 74% of the people who traveled in 2018 did so for this reason. In addition, business trips have obtained a considerable increase so far this year.

The type of tourism that most travelers sought during the year were nature, adventure, history and culture, this led us to understand that travelers are buying unique and personalized experiences in each destination. This trend has become a strong factor in the industry and it is worth analyzing it to be able to create and implement strategies that can generate high impact results.

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