Latin American tourism a positive environment for 2019

Latin America has become one of the most attractive and desired continents by tourists. Short trips between our markets have become a trend and will grow exponentially in the coming years.

The most recent study conducted by Axon Marketing & Communications, on travel trends in Latin American markets, reveals a positive environment for the sector, despite the effect of the increase in the price of the dollar in some countries.

After analyzing 7 issuing countries and more than 350 tour operators, the study yielded important data that should be taken into account when considering communication, public relations and marketing strategies for the promotion of destinations in the Latin American markets.

After knowing and segmenting the destinations preferred by travelers, it was discovered that the 4 countries with the highest demand were Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Colombia. In addition, holiday tourism remains the most important group in the industry, followed by business, congresses and conventions.

When choosing a new experience, the monetary level is rarely the most important factor for travelers. Although it does not go unnoticed, the minimum investment they are willing to make is $ 2 thousand, taking into account the place they plan to visit and the type of tourism they want to experience. For this reason, for this year, nature, adventure, history and culture were the most sought after and made by tourists.

If what is intended is to promote a tourist destination, the ideal is to think that experiences are the perfect anchor to generate mutual benefits between companies and customers. For this reason, another of the findings that are worth having on the radar when creating alliances to promote routes in the sector are the airlines.

Who will travel more in 2019?

Latin America continues to bet on considerable growth in the tourism sector. According to the study conducted by Axon Marketing & Communications, despite the dollar crisis, sales are expected to increase by 65% by 2019.

When embarking on a new journey, people start from a need that motivates them not only to search, but also to choose the right place. For this reason, if you require a strategy to promote your destiny and captivate new clients, it is important that you consider the segments that you should bet on in the sector for next year.

The travelers that are expected to be trends for 2019 are families, these occupy a place of preference in the sector and also has evolved constantly and quickly. Followed by cultural tourists, people who enjoy the artistic performances, festivals and folklore of each country. To that group are added the segment of single travelers, who hope to change their environment, find new things or situations that have been postponed for different reasons and when they return they intend to take over the reins of their lives.

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