Meet The Five Influencer Marketing Trends in the Tourism Sector for 2018

What does this year bring to the marketing of influencers in the tourism sector? In a world where advertising generates noise, businesses find a solution to use influencers to connect with their audience more effectively. According to studies, companies earn between $ 6.50 for every dollar invested in influercers marketing.

The year 2017 was the year of the influencers and to date they have helped thousands of companies to humanize their messages, benefiting from the relationship they have with their future clients. Protagonists of advertising campaigns, videos and brand ambassadors, the influencers transcend the communication channels: social networks, television, radio, etc.

The communication consultancy Axon Marketing & Communications published its latest study on influencer marketing, highlighting important findings and conclusions about the opportunities that companies in the tourism sector will face in 2018, based on the analysis of the attendees of the ANATO tourism fair, one of the most important events in the Latin American sector.

82% of users of tourism services follow the social networks or the blog of influencers of travel, fashion and / or lifestyle. It is a fact that travelers seek information on social networks, influencers’ blogs, forums and online communities to make purchasing decisions. In addition, according to the data of the study, the influence level of influencers in the decision to purchase a tourist destination, hotel services, airlines or travel agency, is high.

1. 80% of users consider that influencers influence their decision to purchase in a relevant way in their tourist destinations. 75% of respondents say that their influencers have a significant influence on booking and / or purchasing in hotels and airlines. In addition, 71% confirm that the influence level of an influencers in their decision to choose a travel agency is high.

Now that you can see the high level of purchase of users of the tourism sector by their influencers, the next step is the design of a communications plan that points to specific objectives. “When you have contact with the influencers, it is advisable to hold meetings with them to generate original content together. The first proposal is given by the brand, because it must be in accordance with the philosophy and objectives of the campaign, “says Catalina Parada, chief operating officer (COO) of the communication agency Axon Marketing & Communications.

2. More than once the brands or communication and marketing agencies have proposed the description of a publication in the social networks of the influencers. Some specialists recognize that many times, by wanting to appear in the first line of the publication, the name of the brand is placed in a forced way and without having a thread. Consumers realize that.

It is not a novelty that advertising for users generates noise; however, followers prefer content with a spontaneous and natural focus, and not intrusive and forced descriptions of advertisers. The consultancy of pr advises to create mini histories on the experience that they live in relation with a certain subject or situation, useful councils and experiences that share with their public they are the best ally to position themselves. The instastories will be the protagonists for this 2018.

In addition, a good strategy is to take your influencers to events and tourism fairs and turn them into ambassadors of your brand. Invite them to socialize with the attendees and share face-to-face interactions on their social profiles through comments and photos that reflect the values of their brand. “The followers do not want to read publicity, they want closer experiences and interaction”, comments the communication specialist in the tourism sector, Catalina Parada.

3. While 75% of users who follow influencers, they do so mainly because of the specialized content they share on their social networks or blogs about travel, lifestyle and fashion; For 60% of organizations in the tourism sector, the reason why they choose an influencer in their communication strategy is that they represent the values of their brand, which is logical. 

“A very interesting trend is the micro influencers in marketing strategies. The followers seek specialized content and quality and if your campaign reaches 100 followers who are potential customers is much better than reaching 100 k users that perhaps less than 1% will import your brand or service, “says specialist Parada.

Among the influencer marketing trends are the micro influencers (less than 100,000 followers) who are characterized by having greater credibility than celebrities. Many of them have a real impact within their community, because their followers prefer their specialized content than the number of followers.

4. Among the findings that most caught the attention of the study was that companies in the tourism sector put as relevant variables the number of interactions with 40% and the number of followers (35%) when choosing an influencers, leaving the last place the specialized content they publish, unlike followers who do value the quality of content.

A few days ago it was known that some “influencers” had bought followers to increase their number of followers and thus be able to attract brands. “This type of incident highlights two aspects: choose the influencers you will work with and, at the same time, take into account the relevance of the content, rather than the number of followers,” says the COO of Axon Marketing & Communications.

Although it is known that by 2018, influencers will produce greater demand (they will increase their value and price of their services); it is the responsibility of the agencies and brands to analyze in depth the suitability of the influencers in which they invest. Working with influencers who buy followers means investing money without any impact on sales of products or services of brands.

We recommend integrating micro-influencers into your communication and marketing campaign with high engagement, since they have a real impact among your followers, and your message will impact more reliably.

5. Companies measure the effectiveness of a marketing project of influencers through indicators associated with commercial or sales prospects (48%), growth in visits to the website by 42% and the increase in followers in social networks of a company in the tourism sector (38%). If the content is what the followers of the influencers value most, the brands expect to get the influencers’ conversion.

“Remember that the influencers’ commercial potential lies in their ability to influence, convince and transmit confidence to their followers. If a destination or hotel gets an influencer to recommend it, it will probably enhance the knowledge and positioning of your brand and, as a result, increase your sales. However, we can not leave this objective as a natural consequence of the strategy, it is necessary to clearly define the objectives, the target to which we address and the KPIs for measuring the efficiency of the strategy, “says the director of operations of Axon Marketing & Communications.

Influencers’ marketing in the tourism sector is a trend that has come to stay and is in the field of brands to contribute to the professionalization of this service. There is no written rule about how much to invest in this strategy; However, data from communication specialists point to the fact that the ROI in influencers’ marketing is 11 times greater than in traditional digital marketing methods. Now Earn Media (ROI) and engagement are the new KPIs. This will be the starting point to define the budget of the following campaigns.

You can also download the full white paper “Influencer marketing trends in the tourism sector for 2018”,  drafted by Axon Marketing & Communications at the following link:

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