Segments of the tourism sector that you should bet on in 2019

Latin American tourism is still committed to responsible growth, whenever it is concerned to be closer to travelers and meet their needs.

According to forecasts of the study on tourism trends in Latin America, sales are expected to increase by 65%. In addition, the increase in visitors would be in charge of three important segments that are worth having on the radar when designing a strategy about the challenges and opportunities that will bring next year in the industry.

In recent years, the tourism sector has been responsible for segmenting not only their destinations, but also the type of tourists to whom they must bet according to the services they have and offer. For this reason, when developing communication, public relations and marketing strategies to promote destinations and captivate new clients, it is important to consider the types of tourists that will travel the most in 2019, based on the data provided by the study they conducted, Axon Marketing & Communications.

Family tourism is one of the groups identified to lead next year, this segment has become one of the fastest evolving in the market. Among the trends are also cultural tourists, people who prefer to choose their next destination mainly to acquire knowledge through art, visit places of cultural or heritage interest of each country.

In the third place we find individual tourists, a segment that is not exclusive to single people, this type of tourism does not distinguish between marital status, as indicated by, a website specialized in “single” tourism. Those who prefer to travel in the company of their luggage do so in order to get out of the routine, disconnect from work and rediscover plans that have been postponed for different family or work reasons.

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