Trends in content marketing for the 2nd semester of 2017

Content marketing is one of the promotion strategies that evolves with greater speed. This is due to its nature, closely linked to the Internet, the communication channel with the greatest expansion and innovation of our era.

Carlos Trelles, CEO of Axon Marketing & Communications, an Integrated Marketing Communications agency, shares some of the trends that will set the tone for this discipline in whats remains of 2017.

  •  Interchange of post and citations: Blogs of similar themes will seek to support and cite each other in their contents. This with the aim of providing greater freshness to the articles of their spaces, giving their readers contrasted opinions and an answer to their questions with a greater number of sources. In addition, the citations help to position themselves in the search engines to both portals.
  • Everything comes through the eyes: Pictures, infographics and videos have become in the favorite content of users, so producing in those formats will be very beneficial for business. New technologies have allowed the creation of new tools to tell stories, like the videos in 360 degrees.
  • Creation of interactive contents: Interactive contents will become in the most used in recent years. Invite the community created to participate in surveys, forums, debates. This will engage users more time and generate greater brand recall, greater conversion rate and feedback from the users.
  • Webinar, the new format: Content marketing is born from the idea that the current public does not like to sell a content, on the contrary, they prefer to be taught to solve their needs and pains. In this context, webinars have become the perfect tool to attract users. The webinars are talks and seminars made on the Internet with the aim of providing information to the participants.
  • Take advantage of influencers: Study what Influencers can be very useful to promote your products and services. You can create interesting stories promoted by your channels and the channels of a personality already positioned in your target audience. A specialized influencer can help you reach a larger audience in less time.
    The curator of content and the SEO specialist: It is important to have a creator of interesting content for your audience that attracts people to your business. In fact, one of the figures that is growing in the market is “the curator”, the person who is in charge of looking for data of great importance in the networks and verifies that they are real. In addition, the profile of the specialists is aimed at professionals who know the SEO tools that place the content at the top of Google searches.
  • The mobile phone: The design of your pages, photographs, infographics and all your content must be optimized to work on smartphones and tablets, which is known as a responsive design. Remember that, according to Google statistics, half of searches are made by mobile phones.
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