Yes, the pandemic reminded us that customers are the heart of business

In the last year, at the communications level, there were two milestones that revolutionized the way brands communicate with their stakeholders. The first is the prioritization of organic channels and the second is the migration towards a more horizontal and human communication.

By AXON Marketing & Communications – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Considering that the pandemic hit people’s purchasing power, companies had to pay more attention to the resources and means of communication available, in order to maintain an invaluable asset for the growth of organizations: communication with their customers. Faced with this scenario, for example, the use of digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram was boosted to ensure greater impact within the digital community.

We have to accept it; after a bit of luck and the famous ‘trial and error’, companies’ organic channels became the main means of communication with the general public. This, in theoretical terms, made it possible for what we call the PESO Model (Paid Media, Earn Media, Share Media and Own Media) to acquire greater relevance and for its virtuous circle to be completely fulfilled.

In relation to the second milestone, I would like to highlight that covid-19 promoted the consolidation of a more human and empathetic tone that responded to the requirements of the context. It is only logical; in the face of a virus that refused to be appeased, people needed messages of support and hope. In fact, we all needed them.

Faced with this scenario, brands witnessed that the pre-pandemic communication facet, which only thought of transmitting corporate achievements and news about business growth, was overshadowed by the new ways of communicating that used to be warmer, more empathic and symbolic. In this regard, most companies had to come down from their pedestal, accept the humility of the lesson and return to visualize people as what they are: the heart of their business.

At Axon Marketing & Communications, a consulting firm present in eight of the most competitive markets in Latin America and the United States, we continue to encourage brands to visualize in communication strategies closer to customers the key to grow and remain in the memory of the market, not only locally, but also regionally. Today more than ever, people need to feel that they are listened to and valued as fundamental actors in our productive activities and not only as consumers and potential customers.