Whitepaper: "Needs and Trends of DirComs in Latin America"

This is how you can strengthen your brand image in 2021

The health crisis is an opportunity to reposition the reputation of brands before its stakeholders. To succeed in this, take into account the key data provided by the study ‘Trends and Needs of Dircoms in Latin America for 2021’, by the specialized consultancy firm, Axon Marketing & Communications. 



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    Key figures

    • 40 companies from Latin American were consulted.

    • 69% of communication directors surveyed say that communication with their audience increased due to the pandemic.


    • 100% of respondents agreed that the crisis and its aftermath are an opportunity to reposition the brand’s reputation with its stakeholders.

    Key Points

    • 92% of communications managers say that the tools they will use most to reinforce their brand’s reputation in the ‘new normal’ are social media management and owned media. 


    • 45% will leverage in-house content management and media relations.


    • 37% will create in-house events.

    • 27% will leverage, to a greater extent, strategic alliances and co-branding.



    Social Networks, important issue

    • 17,5% of respondents considered social networks to be important channels for communicating with their stakeholders prior to the pandemic.
    • 45% during mandatory confinement.


    • 50% consider that social networks are, and will be, vital in the ‘new normal’.