AXON Marketing & Communications has announced its strategic alliance with InterMedia to drive social innovation projects for youth and children in Latin America

Axon Marketing & Communications has announced its partnership with InterMedia, a renowned organization specialized in applied social research on youth lifestyles and subcultures.

In May 2023, the alliance between AXON Marketing & Communications and InterMedia arrived in Latin America, aiming to explore synergies and carry out collaborative research and dissemination projects in the field of social innovation for youth and children. AXON Marketing & Communications offered its technical expertise to InterMedia to implement positioning and communication strategies for these projects.

InterMedia is a nonprofit organization based in Rome, Italy, dedicated to designing and accelerating social innovation projects and scientific research to promote positive youth development. Their expertise lies in social innovation, research, and training, and they have collaborated with various partners in over 20 countries worldwide. On the other hand, AXON Marketing & Communications is a prominent Latin American consultancy specializing in integrated marketing communications, with a strong track record in reputation management and brand strengthening.

The main objective of this strategic alliance is to increase the visibility of applied social research on youth lifestyles and subcultures. It also aims to develop collaborative research projects and jointly leverage resulting technologies and products. Additionally, the technical knowledge of AXON Marketing & Communications will be shared to contribute to the advancement of research in this field. Finally, mutually beneficial business agreements will be explored.

Through this collaboration, both organizations aim to strengthen their capacity to make a positive impact on understanding and youth development. This will be achieved through knowledge sharing and co-creation of innovative solutions using communication strategies, with the purpose of reaching an international audience.

Carlos Trelles, CEO of AXON Marketing & Communications, states, “This collaboration represents a unique opportunity to combine our marketing expertise with InterMedia’s specialization in social research. Together, we are committed to making a significant impact on the positive development of youth and the dissemination of this knowledge.”

Reynaldo Rivera, CEO of InterMedia, mentions, “We are excited to join forces with AXON and leverage their expertise in communication and marketing to amplify the impact of our projects and initiatives. This alliance provides us with the opportunity to strengthen our research capabilities, expand our reach, and work together in the design and evaluation of innovative programs.”

This agreement represents a significant achievement in the development of the portfolio of social communication and marketing services and tools. The extensive international presence and broad experience of AXON are ideal for meeting the objectives of the Italian company, as they provide the necessary expertise and reach to drive growth and success in the global market.


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