Catalina Parada: An Inspiring Example of Work-Life Balance for Women

Factor de Éxito published in Colombia, Ecuador, and Miami an article that highlights the inspiring example of Parada, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve professional success without sacrificing personal goals.

The magazine Factor de Éxito, published in Colombia, Ecuador, and Miami, the story of Catalina Parada to inspire all women who wish to fulfill their career dreams without neglecting their personal goals. As the COO of AXON Marketing and Communications, she has demonstrated that it is possible to achieve success both professionally and personally.


Catalina, married and mother of seven children, is a tireless advocate for the value of women as entrepreneurs and has always advocated for a work-life balance model. Her experience in leading both her family and a successful multinational company demonstrates that women have the potential to excel in multiple areas of their lives.


At AXON Marketing and Communications, Catalina and her husband, Carlos Trelles, have created a supportive and empowering environment for all the women in the company. They emphasize that women should not be afraid to express their desire to start a family or when they are pregnant since they recognize the importance of the family as the foundation of society. Parada and Trelles are committed to supporting women in every life decision, without neglecting their work commitment.


Catalina’s story is an inspiring testimony of how women can achieve success in their professional careers without sacrificing their personal goals. Her leadership and dedication at AXON Marketing and Communications reinforce the idea that women can achieve a satisfying balance between their work and personal lives.

To read the full article, click here:  Colombia, Ecuador y Miami.


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