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Nokia Amplify Chile 2023 showcased the brand's disruptive technological advancements and their impact on digital transformation across various sectors.

This month, Nokia organized the Nokia Amplify Chile 2023 event as part of its business strategy and brand renewal. The event highlighted technological advancements and Nokia’s vision to drive digital transformation across various industries and workspaces.

The brand has undergone a significant transformation since its recent rebranding, and it is now focused on driving disruptive innovations in areas such as the metaverse and digital twins. These technologies enable end-users and industries to enhance their efficiency, flexibility, and productivity in a sustainable environment.

“Nokia is enabling businesses across all industries to embrace digitization and improve their performance sustainably. Our fixed, mobile, and cloud networking solutions position us uniquely to leverage this trend,” commented a company spokesperson.

Nokia maintains a strong presence in Latin America, including Chile, where it serves multiple customers by providing 2G/3G/4G/5G networks, fixed network infrastructure, IP, optical, and cloud solutions. Additionally, Nokia leads digitalization efforts in sectors such as mining and ports in Chile. Nokia’s technology strategy highlights the evolution of networks to meet the demands of the metaverse and the growing dependence on connectivity. Networks become the underlying fabric of the digital world, and Nokia seeks to integrate traditional functionalities with the flexibility of the cloud.

“Nokia is bringing the concept of digital twins to the metaverse, allowing users to interact with a digital version of themselves to perform activities such as buying clothes without leaving home,” explained Fernando Sosa, Head of Nokia for the Southern Cone.

The applicability of the metaverse in work environments and industries is already a reality, according to a joint study by Nokia and EY. The study reveals that 58% of companies have tested or implemented metaverse use cases. As part of its commitment to sustainability, Nokia continues to lead the transformation towards a greener world, focusing on providing networking and infrastructure solutions for Industry 4.0. The brand has refreshed its corporate image to communicate its technological leadership, innovation, and collaboration with strategic partners.

“Nokia is more relevant than ever today, whether it’s behind the 4G and 5G networks we use or when using internet at home via fiber. We are also involved in the digitalization of industries to make them more productive and efficient because we believe that can only be achieved through digitalization. Whether it’s for residential users, mobile phone users, or industries looking to digitize, Nokia is there. We understand the great potential that networks and digitalization have in achieving a more efficient and sustainable world, and that’s why we say at Nokia that there is no greener world without digitization,” said Diana Coll, Director of Marketing for Nokia in Latin America.

The company is committed to continued innovation and the introduction of technologies that help people and industries become more productive and sustainable.


About Nokia

At Nokia, we create technology that helps the world work together. As an innovative leader in B2B technology, we pioneer a future where networks meet the cloud to unlock the full potential of digitalization in every industry. Through networks that sense, think, and act, we work together with customers and partners to create the digital services and applications of the future.


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