The Health Tech Summit in Colombia: Driving Innovation in the Healthcare Sector with the Outstanding Participation of Dr. Catalina Parada

The event provides a unique opportunity to discuss and share knowledge about the latest technologies and medical practices, with the outstanding moderation of Dr. Catalina Parada.

On June 29th and 30th, the Health Tech Summit, one of Colombia’s most important healthcare technology events, will take place at the 13th-floor auditorium of the Centro Internacional de Especialistas. This event represents an unprecedented opportunity to bring together experts, professionals, and leaders in the healthcare sector. It serves as a platform for fostering new horizons of knowledge in the healthcare industry. During this gathering, the latest technological innovations and cutting-edge medical practices will be explored and discussed, providing attendees with the opportunity to acquire up-to-date knowledge and establish key collaboration networks.

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that our distinguished professional, Dr. Catalina Parada, COO of AXON Communications & Marketing, will play a crucial role in the event as the moderator of the panel discussion titled “Challenges of Insurance and Social Security in Colombia and the Region.” This panel, scheduled for 12:30, will feature prominent panelists from the healthcare industry. Among them are Dr. Mauricio Serra, Executive Manager of Compensar EPS in Colombia, Dr. Pablo Otero, General Manager of EPS Sura in Colombia, and Felipe Jaramillo, General Manager at Fundación SaludMía EPS, also in Colombia. These experts will share their knowledge and experiences regarding the current challenges of insurance and social security in the region, providing valuable insights on how to address these crucial issues within the healthcare system.

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